About us

The increasing demand for energy in the world and the liberalization of the electricity market in our country increased the importance of production, distribution and protection in the electricity energy sector. The free electricity market has determined the strategic goal to meet the demand uninterruptedly, especially in the distribution of electricity, and has sought solutions in line with this goal.

Solutions in the field of electrical energy protection and control; Aiming to respond with high, medium and low voltage products and combining the most innovative approaches with an experience of more than 20 years, RÖLESAN continues its activities by following the latest technology closely.

Electrical transmission and distribution systems are considered as a whole, the electronic, mechanical designs and production of our products are carried out entirely within our own structure. For our scada system and healthy relay coordination, our product groups are designed with high material quality and fast turnaround times.

Special subsidiaries, TEİAŞ, TEDAŞ and their affiliated organizations manufacture the characteristics they want in medium voltage in line with world standards. One of the engineering solutions to increase energy efficiency of RÖLESAN, TEİAŞ and TEDAŞ, SCADA has been supporting the corporations and companies by incorporating the products which are the main parts of the central applications.

Medium Voltage protection and control equipment design and production started in 1995 as RÖLESAN and continued to develop according to the conditions of the day. This situation enabled the problems experienced in the field to be met according to the current conditions and the RÖLESAN R & D team carried out the revision of existing products or new product designs.

 Industrial Type DC Supply Systems
 OG Toroid Current Transformers and LPCTs
 Fault Location Indicators (with / without communication)
 Alarm Relays • LRM Voltage Indicators (Contact / Non-Contact)
 Aircraft Warning Lights (Low - Medium Intensity)
RÖLESAN, applying its products in the energy system of our country in the framework of world standards, aims to convey the experiences about the system, the solutions needed and the appropriate product groups to our esteemed customers.