Auxiliary Supply None
Operating Voltage Level 2kV – 72kV
Indication 100.000 hours Life Time LEDs
Measurement Point 3 Phase + Ground
Capacitive Voltage Divider 20-15-10 pf(12-24-36 kV)
Protection Surge Arrester
Assembly Front
Cable Cross Section 2,5mm
Dimensions 96 x 48 x 50
Protection Class IP 20

Operating Temperature


-30⁰C / +85⁰C


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LRM Capacitive Voltage Indicator

KGS 03 – 03K LRM measures Phase - Phase and Phase - Ground Voltages from the terminals on the front panel and allows
tracking of each phase via high efciency LEDs. In case of any over voltage occurs in the network, KGS 03 - 03K LRM
protect themselves with integrated surge arresters.

Designed according to IEC 61243-5 KGS 03 - 03K, Tracks bus bar voltage continuously and activates LEDs when U > %10
Un and deactivates LEDs when U < %10 Un.


• Manufactured According to IEC 61243-5
• 2kV – 72kV Wide Operating Range
• Maintenance Free
• Easy to use with Socketed Rear Terminals
• Allows Measurement from Front Panel
• Protection Against Over Voltage
• No need Auxiliary Power
• Special Design for Any Requirement

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