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Hardware SCR Based, Wide Graphical LCD
Input Voltage 176-264 Vac
Output Voltage 24Vdc / 48Vdc / 110Vdc
Output Current 10A - 250A (Specify with Order)
Battery Capacity 7Ah - 200Ah (Specify with Order)
Ripple  W/Battery <%1,0 / W/O Battery<%5,0
Power Factor 0,7
Voltage Regulation <%2
Effciency >%80
Operating temperature -20⁰C / +55⁰C
Noise Level <45db
Protection Class IP 21 – IP 54 (Specify with Order)


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• Manufactured According to International Standards
• DC Low - High, AC Low - High,
Earth (+) (-) Leakage, Battery Alarm, Temperature and
Fan Alarm, Short Circuit Alarm, AC On Alarm Signals
• Low Ripple Voltage
• SCADA Compatible (Optional MODBUS)
• Automatic Battery Maintenance - Best Battery Life
• Stable Output Voltage - Discharge Curves

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